Where We Set Our Sights

Our mission at Racket Sports Academy is to deliver true 'individual' player based coaching pathways that coincide with LTA and Badminton England's strategies across Lowestoft. Increasing participation through passionate, enthusiastic, networked engagement. Finding the potential that every player has, to encourage that potential through a structured player pathway, to channel that individual players motivation to achieve what they wish, and how far they want to take their performance, whether that is to become a competitive club, county or national player or gain the fun and enjoyment that we create behind all of our programme group sessions week in and week out.


   Passion driven coaching for racket sports is in our DNA. Playing racket sports help to stay fit, no matter your racket sport of choice, they can be the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle long after many other sports need to be given up due to injury or physical limits. Our programmes function as a haven for the community members of Lowestoft, no matter their age, gender, or fitness background to enjoy racket sports to their full. Join us today to become a part of our ever-growing Academy

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